What You Need to Know About Nursing Scholarships

Nurses must attend school and take courses that prepare them for clinical rotations in hospitals

and other facilities. Once completing their program, nursing students need to pass an exam to obtain their nursing license. Until they obtain their license, they cannot work as a nurse. Even with working part-time while in school, many nursing students find that they cannot afford the high costs of their education.

In addition to federal and state financial aid, nursing students must know that there are scholarships specifically designed for nurses to help them cover their school costs. We at Big Sisters in Nursing can help future nurses learn more about paying for college and the financial opportunities they can obtain while in school.

Opportunities: From Financial Aid to Nursing Scholarships

Incoming college students should fill out the FAFSA form as soon as possible. Your school uses this form to build a financial aid package designed for you. It may include student loans as well as grants and work-study. Grants are funds that you do not need to pay back that are usually based on financial need. Work-study allows you to earn more money by working on your campus alongside attending your classes. Student loans come in different sizes and from multiple lenders but require that you pay back the loan later along with its interest. Nursing scholarships are awarded funding students can use to help pay off their tuition and support any other school-related costs, and they never have to pay them back.

How Can You Use Scholarships?

Nursing scholarships allow you to use the money to cover any costs you have while in school. You can use the funds to pay your tuition every semester along with your books and other supplies. Some nursing students seek scholarships to pay for the uniforms they need for their clinical rotations and for laptops that help them do their school work.

What You Need to Do

The steps that you need to take will depend on the scholarships that appeal and apply to you. Some organizations have an extensive application process. Be sure to read their qualifications closely. You’ll need to fill out an application and submit proof that you’re in a nursing program along with the grades you’ve earned. Though some programs function as contests where anyone who applies has a chance to win a scholarship, others look for the top students. You may need to write an essay on what nursing means to you or how you plan to use your degree. Keep in mind that there are scholarship programs designed for both undergrad nurses and students enrolled in bachelor and graduate programs.

Types of Scholarships

When you apply to a nursing program and complete your FAFSA, you could receive multiple scholarships from your school. Most schools offer scholarships based on need and merit. Need-based scholarships are available for students who lack certain resources to pay for college. A merit-based scholarship is one that goes to a student who has a strong transcript, high grades, and/or more nursing experience. You’ll also find many scholarships from organizations like the American Holistic Nurses Association and the Emergency Nurses Association. As long as you join us at Big Sisters in Nursing you won’t miss out on a single scholarship. We are here to help you find all the scholarships out there for you.

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