Self-Care in Nursing

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword to make people feel better about taking a bath every Wednesday night. Being mindful of how you care for yourself is an essential part of being mentally, emotionally, and physically able to take life head-on.

In the nursing profession, self-care is no less important. Nurses often work long hours and are on their feet for most of that time. Not only is the job physically demanding, but it can take a mental and emotional toll as well. Working with people in medical distress who are often angry isn’t an easy or fun job to look forward to, but it will seem even more daunting if you’re attempting to “pour from an empty cup”.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at four simple ways to practice self-care.

Physical Self-Care: Do Something That Makes You Feel Good

Plan an evening to pamper yourself with a warm bath, good-smelling bath salts or oils, and your favorite products. While “take a bath” may seem like cliché self-care advice, soaking your overworked body in warm water has great healing benefits for your muscles and can help release tension, meaning that you’ll be more effective on the job. Consider booking a massage as an extension of this pampering.

More simple ways to practice physical self-care: exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, or take a nap.

Emotional Self-Care: Do Something That Brings You Joy

Whether it’s listening to a newly released long-awaited album, watching your “comfort show” on TV, painting with watercolors, or going out to lunch with someone you love, do something that will bring you joy. You are a person outside of your job and you deserve to experience the joys of living!

More simple ways to practice emotional self-care: say morning affirmations to yourself, call a friend on the phone, or be creative in the kitchen.

Mental Self-Care: Do Something That Challenges You

A challenging activity doesn’t need to be a difficult activity! Do something that exercises your brain. Jigsaw puzzles or logic puzzles are a great way to keep your brain sharp. Some nurses love listening to podcasts or audiobooks on their commute, which is another great way to keep your mind active and engaged. At work, consider being part of a committee or aiding in the training of a new nurse.

More simple ways to practice mental self-care: use an app to practice a new language, visit an interesting museum, or play a board game with friends.

Spiritual Self-Care: Do Something That Brings You Peace

Whether you’re religious or not, having a spiritual outlet is a key component of self-care. The pursuit of peace is a universal human experience, and there are many ways besides religion to find peace for yourself. Try yoga or meditation to bring your mind into harmony with your body. Even something as simple as decluttering your home can help bring you peace, as it reduces chaos and encourages simplicity.

More simple ways to practice spiritual self-care: unplug from electronics and social media for a day, join a religious group, or keep a gratitude journal.

When you make a habit of self-care, you’ll see the benefits not just in your own life but also in the way you interact with others. For more information on self-care in nursing and educational resources, get in touch with our team at Big Sisters in Nursing!

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